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More People Downloaded Tyler The Creator’s App Than Tidal On Its First Day


Earlier tonight, Tyler, The Creator’s manager Chris Clancy took to Instagram to express how grateful he is to have come this far with the Odd Future leader. In his heartfelt Instagram caption, he let slip that more people downloaded Tyler The Creator’s new Golf Media app than Tidal on its first day. If true, that’s insane, and speaks to how powerful Tyler’s fan base truly is beyond conventional measures like album sales.

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Check out Clancy’s Instagram post below, as well as his full caption.

“having a quick moment. when i met tyler 4 years ago he was sleeping on his grandmothers floor and scraping up money for a wendy’s run. this week he will have his 3rd top 5 album in a row. all done the way he wants without compromising.. he also launched a media company app that had more people sign up in its first day than tidal did.. thats not a flex, it’s just a acknowledgment that the business is at a tipping point, regardless of whether you are coming from the top down or building from the bottom up. at this point you’re either redefining the metrics of success or are beholden to someone else’s. this picture that taco took says it better than anything i could ever articulate. grateful for ALL the ups and downs… and for the opportunity to always try.. regardless of outcomes. congratulations tyler. ruth chris trumps wendys now.”

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