Watch 2 Chainz Get Sky-High From A $10,000 Bong [VIDEO]

It’s 4/20 and 2 Chainz can’t think of a better way to celebrate the holiday than by taking some tokes from the most expensive bong you’ve ever seen. The “Picasso of bongs” is Tity Boi’s most recent conquest on his venture of finding the “most expensivest shit” for GQ. At first, the ATLien is amazed by the German-glass bong.


It’s beautiful and can probably hold more smoke than Snoop Dogg’s lungs. But there’s got to be a catch. Plus it wouldn’t be the “most expensivest shit” ever if it was cheap.


That’s right, ten stacks for this hand-crafted water bong. But this can’t come as a shock to a man that matches his weed container with his Versace shoes.


2 Chainz is finally ready to take a hit out of the bong that could pay for a semester at Florida State. During his first attempt, it doesn’t seem like he hit it correctly.


After he got some help, 2 Chainz took a sufficient hit that propelled him straight into the sky. Fortunately, he was able to make a safe landing.


While you enjoy your 4/20 festivities, watch 2 Chainz blast off into space with this one-of-a-kind bong above.

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