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Lil Wayne Is Definitely Not Cool With Young Thug [WATCH]

While everyone is feeling celebratory about the release of Young Thug’s Barter 6, at least one guy isn’t too happy about the whole thing – Lil Wayne.

After making comments onstage about the album a couple weeks ago, Wayne told fans in Columbus, Ohio what he thinks about the whole Carter 6 nonsense in the video above. His performance was on April 16, the day before Barter 6 dropped.

“If there were any other albums that dropped recently, tell ’em I say suck my dick. Carter 5 coming soon. Ain’t no motherfucking such thing as Carter 6. If any time y’all book them bitch ass niggas to come up in this motherfucker, before they say one word, you can let ’em know Tunechi said suck my dick.”

The drama continues. While Young Thug made it seem like he was having a release party in Wayne’s hometown of Hollygrove last week, the listening session actually took place at Tease Strip Club in Atlanta.

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