Hear 64 Original And Unreleased 2Pac Songs


2Pac’s catalog is as prolific as any rapper’s, dead or alive, but for all the material available to the public, there’s just as much that wasn’t released commercially.

A reddit user has taken it upon himself to gather up 64 original and unreleased recordings by ‘Pac, organized by the Interscope Period (1991-1995) and the Death Row Period (1995-1996). Included are “Changed Man” featuring Nate Dogg, “Friends,” in which he disses Jay Z, a bunch of songs recorded for his all-inclusive One Nation album, and collaborations with Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, DJ Quik, and much more.

Check out all 64 songs right here, and listen to a couple highlights below.

“Lie To Kick It”
“Out On Bail”
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