9 Tattoos That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

Golden pig

Lindsay Lohan took to her Instagram earlier today (April 21) in an attempt to spread a positive message to her 3.5 million followers:



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Unfortunately, the message doesn’t mean what she thought it did. It directly translates to “you are a donkey (ass),” and Lohan immediately became the latest case of someone who probably should’ve done their homework before they attempted to send a message. She took it down quickly after followers called her out on her mistake.

Believe it or not, bungles like this happen all the time, especially in the world of tattoos. You probably know a crazy amount of people who have Chinese or Japanese characters tatted on their body somewhere, but are they absolutely sure of what they mean? Blog Hanzi Smatter is “dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture,” logging in the times that people clearly forgot that these characters are a legitimate language. Hopefully your friends don’t end up like these 9 people.

This person got this tattoo thinking it meant “fear no man.” Turns out it means “Coffin Man.”

Coffin Man


Love is important to be sure, but that character translated means “mirrored”



 This person really REALLY likes “Noodles.”



My man doesn’t even realize that he’s got “Golden Pig” tattooed on the back of his neck

Golden pig


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