5 Things Waka Flocka Would Do As President Of The U.S. #Waka4Prez

Waka Flocka President

It appears that Waka Flocka’s campaign for a professional weed roller has worked out, as the Brick Squad rapper has now thrown his hat into the political ring.

“I’m very pleased to announce today, on 4/20, the best day of the year, that I am running for president of the United States,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

So in addition to legalizing weed and picking DJ Whookid as his running mate, what exactly does Waka Flocka plan to do as president?


First thing I’d stop as president is dogs coming in restaurants. I don’t want to see no f*ckin animal in the restaurant ever again.”

Sorry blind people…


“Anybody who got feet over size 13 cannot walk in public no more. They have to take trains, cabs and buses. I don’t want to see your big ass feet taking up all the space on the concrete.”

Sorry NBA players, but you have money to take cabs and buses anyway…



“We gotta teach the kids more reality skills and they gotta learn my lyrics before they get outta school or else they f*ckin fail and they gotta start from third grade over…”

We think the kids are already there….



“I’m gonna raise minimum wage. I think all fast food restaurants should be paying $15 an hour. In-N-Out Burger is doing it. Great idea In-N-Out Burger.”

Sorry Ronald…




“Women rights? I feel like women got all the rights already. What else they want? My mother was my father and my mother and she controlled the house. She raised five men, put food on the table and kept the lights on. Women are pretty tough right now. I feel like it’s not a thing of rights for women, it’s a respect thing.”

Sorry ladies…?


So would you vote for Waka?

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