20 Times Blu Gem Made Our Jaws Drop #WCW


There’s a new shade of Blu that has been making waves all over New York City. Model/rapper Blu Gem Martinez can flaunt her luscious curves and spit a quick 16 at the drop of a dime. Veteran rapper Consequence has heralded her as the next Lil’ Kim and Foxxy Brown after he featured her on the remix to his song “Bottle Girls.” With her impressive flow, she has the potential to be more than just eye candy.

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In the new age of female rappers where sex appeal seems to reign supreme, her unique look can take her far, but her lyrics can take her farther. Her Mobb Deep-inspired single “Drop A Gem” tells us that she’s got talent, but we won’t know for sure until her debut mixtape Drop A Gem hits the Net. While WatchLOUD is very familiar with model-turned-rapper, now is the time to get acquainted with the beautiful vixen straight out of Jersey.

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