Watch Chris Rock Explain Why Baseball Isn’t Black Enough Anymore [VIDEO]

Ever since he first hit the comedy scene back in the 1980s, Chris Rock’s humor has always come from an informed and blatantly Black perspective, and now more than ever, he’s shining that light on the places he feels need it most. Remember the police stops he uploaded to Instagram?

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In this particular case, it’s baseball. Rock is an avid baseball fan, but during a segment on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, Rock didn’t beat around the bush with regards to the fact that baseball is dying – and it’s because the sport has left the young behind. “Black America decides what’s hot and what young people will get excited about,” Rock stated. “You lost Black America, you lose young America.”

Rock spends 7 minutes explaining the severe loss of Black players/fans in the MLB and how that directly affects baseball’s chances of connecting with a younger audience (“5 out of 6 fans are White, and the average age is 53.”). It’s also damn funny, so check it out above.

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