#DoYouRemember The Original Hitmen Of Bad Boy Records


Earlier this week, Diddy took to Instagram to announce a new member of his go-to production crew, The Hitmen. The Revolt CEO recruited Kanye West to join his team of legendary beatmakers to contribute to Diddy’s upcoming release Making Money Mitch, the follow-up to his 2010 album Last Train To Paris. To all the millennials reading this, you may or may not remember classic songs that were born in Bad Boy Studios like Puff Daddy’s “All About The Benjamins” and Faith Evans’ used-and-abused party song “Love Like This.” Well, these are the guys that made those hits and plenty more.

The original Hitmen are a collective of 13 musicians and producers that Diddy brought together in the early ’90s to help write and produce songs for all of his prominent artists. True fans of Bad Boy Records who have been following them since its inception in 1993 can instantly recall classic records from 112, Black Rob, Ma$e, and G-Dep. Even after the group went their separate ways, each member continued to receive placements with the most successful artists in the industry.

While Kanye West’s production skills are undoubtably superb, his modernized synths and out-of-this-world imagination may be too modern to be able to embody the classic sound the founding members turned into gold. For those who forgot exactly who’s who in the crew, allow us to refresh your memory.

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