A Quick Interview With Wheezy, The Main Producer Behind Barter 6, Plus Five Of His Best Beats

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Trying to get in touch with Wheezy, the producer behind eight out of 13 songs on Young Thug’s new Barter 6 tape, is no easy task. Since Thugger dropped one of the most anticipated projects of the year last week, the producer’s phone has probably been blowing up like never before, so we were grateful when we reached out to Wheezy and got a couple clues as to how Barter 6 was created.

He’s so busy, we barely had time to talk, so below is our short, curious interview with the main sculptor behind Barter 6‘s sound. After that, check out five more of his best beats.

WatchLOUD: Where are you from?

Wheezy: I’m originally from Vicksburg Mississippi, but I reside in Atlanta, GA.

How did you first start working with Young Thug?

Our friends were good friends (Pee Wee Roscoe & Shad Da God) & I pulled [up] to the studio while they were finishing some records & I was asked to pull up some beats & ever since then we been rockin.

When were the songs you did on Barter 6 recorded?

Last year.

Were they from the same sessions as Rich Gang’s Tha Tour mixtape?

Yeah half of them, we got tons of music.

Was Barter 6 always meant to be a “mixtape”?

Yes the people got it misconstrued with the Carter series being albums.

Were you in the studio with Young Thug while recording these songs? If so, what was it like?

Yeah every session we OD.

How much input did Birdman have on the project?

This project is mainly Thugs vision.

How much input did Lyor Cohen, Todd Moscowitz, and Kevin Liles (of 300 Entertainment) have on the project?

Shout out to Lyor and Kevin Liles, nice meeting y’all in N.O. & NYC.

Are you producing on HiTunes?

Fucking right. Be on the look out for that Early FALL.

What’s the best part of working with Thugger?

Slime is a fast worker, some people don’t know all of his lyrics come from the top he never use pens or pads he’s liable to make a hit in 7 minutes.

What’s your favorite song on Barter 6 and why?

My favorite song would be “OD” cause it gives me chills and I could relate.

Rich Homie Quan, Peewee Longway & Lil Boosie – “1500” (Prod. by Wheezy and Beatmonster Marc) [2015]

This has got those island synths that pop up across Barter 6, and the atmosphere is similarly distant.

Shad Da God – “No Other Way” (2013)

Wheezy did three beats on Shad Da God’s Gas Life, and they’re all actually slamming, but the electro synths on this one make it the highlight.

Jose Guapo – “Honey Bunz” (2013)

This sounds like some shit Gucci would have been spitting over in his prime.

Zach Farlow – “Nonsense” (2014)

Farlow has a special ear for beats, and though “Nonsense” is a little pedestrian for both Wheezy and the Atlanta rapper, it still does the job.

Rich Homie Quan – “Milk Marie” (2014)

One of the biggest songs from Rich Gang’s Tha Tour tape ended up being Quan’s solo love song, and Wheezy’s crawling production lent the track enough depth to resonate as a fan favorite.

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