Punk’d Is Coming Back! 8 Times When The Show Got Too Real


Over a decade ago, Ashton Kutcher began pranking celebrities and airing the hilarious outcomes on MTV’s “Punk’d.” Kutcher played horrible pranks on celebrities like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Drake and so many more. From 2003-2009 (and a comeback season in 2012), the “Two And A Half Men” star made us all laugh at the expense of these budding stars and we still feel no remorse.

The best part would be to see the look on each celebrity’s face when Kutcher would pop out from a random place after the prank was over. Although there were times when he truly fooled them, there were other instance where the prank went all wrong. Since “Punk’d” will be making a comeback on the show’s new home BET, we decided to go back and relive the times when “Punk’d” got too real.

There was the time when Justin Timberlake cried becuase he thought the IRS was repossessing his home after not paying his taxes.

via ET

via ET

And that time when Beyonce thought she was the true Grinch for ruining the kids’ Christmas tree.

The glorious moment when Kim Kardashian was nearly blown up at a gas station will live in infamy.


There was the episode when street performers labeled Rihanna as a thief


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