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De La Soul’s 10 Best Reddit AMA Answers


De La Soul has had a fairly prolific couple of weeks. Since they’re still dealing with copyright issues when it comes to samples, Pos, Dave, and Maseo released their entire discography for free a few years ago, and most recently, their new album has gathered just under 10,000 backers and over $500,000 on Kickstarter and it seems now more than ever that the trendsetting Long Island boys may be due for a comeback.

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De La’s new joint …And The Anonymous Nobody will conclude its pledging period this Friday, May 1, and in anticipation for the new music, those cool looking keychains (I picked Dave!) and all the other goodies that De La fans have coming their way, they took to Reddit to participate in an AMA earlier today (April 27). We took the liberty of picking the 10 best Q&As, so check them out below.

1: JonathanBowen asks: What ever happened to Digable Planets?!

DLS: (Pos) I see Doodle Bug around, he has another group he tours with… Mecca is working with Prince Paul at the moment.

And Ishmael Butler is a part of Shabazz Palaces!



2: Draz-B asks: First off, thanks for doing this. I’m a big fan of the group so naturally I have a few questions lol. I hope you don’t mind. 

  1. What was it like working with J Dilla?
  2. Do any of you regret never putting out a solo album?
  3. What was life like growing up in New York in the 80’s?
  4. Many legendary artists have only one album that gets deemed a true classic. How does it feel knowing people rate 3 (3 Feet.., De La Soul Is Dead, Stakes is High) of your albums as hip hop essentials that shaped the genre?

DLS: Dilla was a quiet genius… real humble, opened up when he was in his zone. We watched him make a beat in minute… crazy. 

Dave and I always recorded solo stuff… just to amuse ourselves. 

NY in the *0’s was crack life.. really tuff watching you classmates and neighbors fall victim but it was the best era for Hip Hop

3 Ft High was very important to us, we are happiest knowing that our album wasn’t only accept but made a difference and change Hip Hop.

I still stop and smell the DA.I.S.Y.s every once in a while.



3: NutSixteen asks: Do you guys feel good? 

DLS: Feeling Grape! 

Gorillaz Feel Good

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