Rakim Confirms New Album, Praises J. Cole [VIDEO]

The gawd Rakim has given his blessings to the future of hip-hop, but he’s not out of the game just yet. The good people from Montreality caught up with the “Paid In Full” emcee and asked him about what he’s got cooking in the lab. The Long Island veteran confirmed that he’s in the process of working on a new album, which would be the follow-up to his 2009 album The Seventh Seal. He said that he still feels confident in his craft and doesn’t believe there are age limits in hip-hop. The 47-year-old expressed his love for the new generation of hip-hop and has a special message for the youth.

“I appreciate that I had my hand in the pot of hip-hop. Being somebody that loves making statements, loves conscious music, loves too see hip hop going in the right direction, I came from the old school where underground was successful hip hop at that time. Now its a bigger market and I like the way that so many young cats are taking the torch and keeping it lit. I look at hip-hop now and its lucrative. Of course we got to shape some things up and get things in order so that the outside world respects us as a genre. But hip-hop as a whole man it’s still alive. We just gotta make sure that we keep the scale tilted, not on the aggressive, but on the trademark hip hop side and everything else we can filter through as well, as long as we stay focused. We gotta let the young cats do what they do.”

Coming from the old school where underground hip-hop reigned supreme, Rakim said even though the game has gotten more mainstream, he has a lot of respect for the young cats that are killing it like K. Dot and Cole.

“Kendrick is the new fuel,” Rakim said in response to his feelings on To Pimp A Butterfly. “He has substance and he ain’t scared to make a statement either.”

Rakim made sure to give his props to J. Cole for dropping his name on “January 28th” off 2014 Forest Hills Drive. No word on when Rakim’s new album will surface yet but stay tuned. Watch the interview in full above.

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