Watch The Trailer For The Live-Action Attack On Titan Movie [VIDEO]

The Japanese anime/manga sensation Attack On Titan hit the United States last year; the story of a walled-off city under siege by skinless bloodthirsty giants dropped with an impact not seen since DragonBall Z or Naruto first hit the scene. After the first part of the anime concluded and a 3D ride was added to Universal Studios Japan last year, the live-action adaptation got its first subtitled trailer earlier today (April 28).


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Shinji Higuchi is directing, with supervision from manga creator Hajime Isayama, and quite frankly, I can’t imagine it looking any better. Get those jackets ready, fanboys; this is gonna be a wild ride!


Attack On Titan will be released with English subtitles later this year in Australia and New Zealand by distributor Madman Entertainment. No word on an American release date just yet, but I’m sure it’ll be online before we know it. Check out the trailer above!

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