15 Of The Best Jay Z B-Sides & Album Cuts


Earlier today, the Tidal crew announced that Jay Z will be performing a rare show of his classic B-sides. In an effort to promote his embattled music streaming service, the RocNation CEO will be doing a “free” show as another way to thank all Tidal subscribers. But, as usual, there’s a catch. Not only do you need to sign up for Tidal, but the tickets will only be available to users who submit an entry to their online giveaway.

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Contestants must create an unique playlist of their favorite Jay Z B-sides and share it on social media using the hashtag #TIDALXJAYZ. The winning entry will be selected based on diversity in featured artists, integration of as many genres as possible, and the sequence in which the songs are ordered. Since the rates are continuing to rise, we decided to create our own playlist of classic tracks we’d want to see Hov perform live.

Disclaimer: If you use our playlist and win, we’re entitled to one of those tickets. Word is bond.

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