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Alabama Rapper The Last Mr. Bigg Has Passed Away

last mr bigg

Mobile, Alabama rapper The Last Mr. Bigg passed away in his sleep last night, according to a local news source. His close friend Rodney Toomer, known in the areas as DJ Rodski, said Bigg, real name Donald Maurice Pears, died while sleeping at his sisters house at some point during Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

Pears, also known to some as Mr. Diamond Eye for the shimmering prosthetic eye that replaced the one he lost in a near-fatal 2004 shooting, wasn’t a big name in mainstream rap music, but was well-known in the South. “I knew he had made it big when I went to Cincinnati and they were playing his music on the radio and in the clubs,” said Jeff Childress, publisher of Real Talk Urban magazine.

Pears was an eclectic performer said to incorporate Michael Jackson and a Jason-like mask as well as his own songs into his shows. “He was an entertainer,” said DJ Rodski. “He had really good, catchy hooks on the recordings, but when you saw him live he’d do Michael Jackson skits, he’d moonwalk, he’d sing ‘My Girl,’ he would incorporate all these old-school influences into his shows.”

“His signature was performance,” says fellow Mobile rapper C-Nile. “His signature was party music, fun music. He always had a sense of humor.”

Bigg released a couple albums at the turn of the century with Warlock Records and appeared on Three 6 Mafia’s “Pop My Collar.”

Listen to Mr. Bigg’s most well-known song “Trial Time” below. May he rest in peace.

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