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Tidal Raises Prices After People Complain About Tidal Prices Being Too High


*UPDATE: A Roc Nation rep has explained that the price hike isn’t actually a hike at all. “The price of the subscription through the mobile app is directly related to markups regulated in Apple’s App Store, but the subscription prices still remain the same on Tidal’s main site.”

When Jay lost 92 bricks, he fell back, and somehow survived. But now that his new streaming company Tidal is taking a PR hit with their fiasco of a roll-out, they’ve decided to take a different route – by actually upping the price of both subscription tiers by 30%. Unbelievable? Well it’s true.

At the same time that Jay is announcing a special B-Sides concert for Tidal users in May, the price of both a premium subscription ($9.99) and a hi-fi subscription ($19.99) has jumped to $12.99 and $25.99, respectively.

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We didn’t think this launch could get any worse. A press conference that looked more like an Illuminati meeting, a nonsensical focus on high-quality audio, and Jay Z reacting in the Tweets was bad enough. Could this be the nail in the coffin for Tidal, or is a shrewd business move?

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