Wale, Joey Bada$$, Mack Wilds & More Are Showing Support For Baltimore [VIDEO]


It’s been a tough time for the citizens of Baltimore, but the support they’ve been receiving around the country has grown significantly. Over the past few days, rappers like Wale, Mack Wilds and Meek Mill have been voicing their opinions and hitting the streets with the protestors. Just days after sending an emotional message to the city of Baltimore on Twitter like his fellow cast members from “The Wire,” Mack Wilds joined in on the march.

Wale took things a little further by visiting a Baltimore high school before joining in on the protests. Wale as well as Rev. Jamal Bryant spoke at Fredrick Douglas High School about the frustrations the students must be feeling and revealed his own negative experiences with the police.


Outside of Maryland, protests have been formed in major cities including New York. Pro Era leader Joey Bada$$ hit the streets with protestors.

There have been plenty of other artists like Freddie Gibbs, Young Thug, and Bun B who have spoken out against the rioting and are promoting peaceful protests. Others are sharing their own frustrations with the police. Philly rapper Meek Mill recently took to Instagram to share his personal tale of police brutality.

Lips swollen …. Stitches in both swollen eyes! One of my braids ripped out! I weighed about 130 at the time And I was found guilty of assaulting cops! It’s clear 2 see I was punched and stomped by a few cops! If I wasn’t blessed the way I am I still would have hatred in my heart towards cops but I forgave bcuz I know all cops ain’t the same! 2 “black cops” got on the stand and lied and cried about how I chased them down with a gun and tried to kill them! I caught that case at 18 and was stripped of my freedom and taken away from my family 4 times for the same case and still on probation.. 1 step away from jail if I make one mistake! I can’t blame my judge because the law labels cops as “expert witnesses” and it was cops against a black kid and she’s suppose to believe a cops testimony first!! I never got a chance to speak to my judge about this from young man to woman and I hope she sees this to help other young men that won’t b able to make it thru what I made it thru! After I caught the case I had no choice to hustle in the streets to get a good lawyer aka a good liar to help me get my freedom!

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