The Red Band Trailer For Ted 2 Will Remind You To Clear Your Browser History [VIDEO]

Seth MacFarlane’s 2012 comedy Ted was that year’s surprise box-office hit, managing to tap into an audience outside of Family Guy devotees and gross over $500 million worldwide. A clever, if insufferably bitter story (a dark “what now?” version of magical buddy movies like Pete’s Dragon or E.T.)  and go for broke performances from Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and MacFarlane himself as the titular teddy bear definitely helped, too.

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The inevitable sequel, Ted 2, is out in theaters this summer, and the Red Band trailer just released a couple days ago takes no prisoners with visits to sperm banks, breaking into Tom Brady’s house, surfing through a very…detailed browser history, and plenty of bong hits. The sequel’s story involves Ted attempting to prove that he’s human in a court of law in order to be able to have a baby with his girlfriend Tami-Lynn. All things considered, Ted was a really nice surprise, but if I know Seth MacFarlane, he’ll probably find a way to run the joke into the ground. I hope I’m wrong.

Ted 2 also stars Morgan Freeman and Amanda Seyfried.

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