Mike Tyson Shows That Unboxing Is Just As Violent As Boxing [VIDEO]

Mike Tyson has run out of f*cks to give. Just a week after his hilarious “Lip-Sync Battle” performance he appeared in a new segment on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show called “Unboxing.” Unboxing is simply the act of opening a new gadget or toy on camera and these videos have been proliferating on Youtube for years.  Kimmel adds a twist by having the former heavy weight champ open a new toy, in this case a Strawberry Shortcake Doll.

The juxtaposition starts out to be funny, but slides into creepy territory as Mike struggles with the packaging and jokes that the doll reminds him of “a dancer in Vegas named ‘Desire.'”  As Mike combs the dolls hair we can just hear Buffalo Bill from Silence of The Lambs in the background saying “It rubs the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again!

But in his defense Mike has eight kids–four of them girls– and I’m sure he’s struggled with plenty of packages on Christmas morning and played with a few dolls before now.

Watch the clip and tell us if this is creepy or comical.


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