Diddy Shows Us Cassie’s Nipple Ring In His Steamy New Ad [VIDEO]

The ad for Diddy’s new scent “3AM” was deemed too racy for Macy’s taste. According to Page Six, the retailer claimed that the numerous, sexually-explicit scenes needed to edited out of the ad for the store or the launch would be delayed. Diddy didn’t take too kindly to the Macy executives’ plea, so he decided to release the ad online.

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The original idea for the steamy visual was to offer a glimpse at what Diddy does at 3 a.m., and in this case it’s Cassie. The Revolt CEO stripped his supermodel girlfriend down to her nipple ring and reenacted their adrenaline-fueled night filled with rough sex. After watching this ad, you’ll understand why Macy’s did not want this ad played in their store. Watch the ad above.

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