4 Things Will Smith’s Deadshot Looks Like In Suicide Squad


Director David Ayer finally revealed the look of Warner Bros./DC Comics’ anti-hero team Suicide Squad very early this morning (May 4), and all things considered between Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Katana, Harley Quinn and the others, the team is looking on point in their debut screenshot:

As good as the rest of the team looks, Will Smith as Deadshot is unquestionably the star of this show. Fans have been clamoring to see what Smith would look like as the super assassin ever since his name was first attached to the project, and the most recent reveal is…interesting, to say the least. Sporting a bald dome and red combat gear in some shots and a red jacket and black top hat in others before getting the more traditional masked look from the comics, Smith’s Deadshot is probably the most interestingly executed Task Force X team members outside of Killer Croc. That shiny dome is a special effect in and of itself, and here’s four other things that Smith’s Deadshot looks like.

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MC Ride

The chrome dome/beard combo Smith’s Deadshot sports is eerily similar to the look of Death Grips frontman MC Ride, a similarity the internet wasted no time in pointing out:



Shaft/Jim West


This very first look we got had many comic fans scratching their heads; where’s Deadshot’s mask? Even as many fans puzzled over this, the first thing that came to mind for me was a meld of blaxploitation hero Shaft and Will Smith’s renegade sheriff from Wild Wild West: 


And while we’re on the subject; yes, this is a movie that I’d pay to see! Somebody should ask Carl Jones how that Black Dynamite western they keep talking about is going.



In his masked form, this version of Deadshot looks a lot like the surgery-obsessed Batman villain Hush; a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne’s, Thomas Elliot was one hell of a bad seed who attempted to kill his parents in order to obtain their wealth, but when Bruce’s father Thomas saved his father’s life, Elliot forever held a grudge against the Wayne family.


Deadshot’s facial mask looks like some sort of surgical graft, like he has a cast around his face. What could that mean? Even though Batman is making an appearance in Suicide Squad, whether or not Hush will find his way into the DC Cinematic Universe is anybody’s guess at this point.


Even ignoring all the speculation and memetic fun-poking, Smith’s Deadshot ultimately looks bored as all hell:



“Man, I wish I was still the Fresh Prince”:



There was a period of time where Will Smith was known for his huge personality and charisma, and like in 2013’s terrible After Earth, it looks like he’s turning it all the way down once again. Did that return to form in Focus speak too soon? Time will tell once WB hooks us up with some trailers.

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