Five OG Maco Songs That Are Better Than “U Guessed It”


OG Maco had been on his grind for several years before his infectious single “U Guessed It” began dominating the airwaves around the country. Even after the song received the remix treatment from 2 Chainz, the Quality Control spitter is officially over the single and has repeatedly called it “trash.” In his most recent interview with Vlad TV, Maco went on a rant about how bad the song is and how oblivious the world has been about the other songs he’s put out.

“People keep asking me what’s my next, hit song,” said Maco. “It’s like 85 of them on my fuckin’ Soundcloud. You just wait on the world to stop being stupid. But at some point—At that point in my life when ‘U Guessed It’ [came out] I was tired of waiting for ‘em right then…By the time I made ‘U Guessed It’ that was like my seventh mixtape. Who has heard the other six before that? Not too many people. That was my seventh mixtape. I was like ‘Man, look bro, I’m really good on all this shit. I’m just gonna make this random ass hit.’ And I had more amazing music that I was making at the exact same time…’U Guessed It’ was a shit beat. It was a trash-ass beat. The lyrics were great only for the simple fact that it was direct.”

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I guess he’s his own worst critic. However, he does make a good point. Since his debut project Live Life dropped in 2013, he’s released seven more mixtapes and EPs including his most recent body of work OGZAY with fellow Atlanta native Zaytoven. There are at least five songs from those projects that have a lot more value than “U Guessed It.”

“Get Down” (Prod. By Chuck Inglish)

There’s a lot of substance in Maco’s lyrics on this Chuck Inglish-produced single off his Breathe EP. Like other artists did last year around the time of Mike Brown’s death, Maco speaks upon the unnecessary violence, the blatant ignorance that still exists in this world and other social issues. “Welcome to Scamerica/All you need is a tie.”

“Seizure” (Prod. By Deedotwill & Lex Luger)

I don’t know why people aren’t turning up to this hit from his self-titled EP. The beat alone would have the party going crazy. Plus, Maco completely destroys his verses and even sounds like he’s having a seizure at one point.

“Fuck The Competition” ft. Key! (Prod. By Sonny Digital)

Maco linked up with fellow ATL natives Key! and Sonny Digital to demolish the competition on this Give Em Hell track. Maco’s confidence is evident enough to understand why he doesn’t even consider new artists as his competition.

“Championship” ft. Offset of Migos (Prod. By TM88)

Maco sees himself as the reigning champion, and his career has just begun. Maco linked up with Offset to show us the benefits of winning the championship. With TM88 on the beat, this song fresh off his 15 EP will increase your drive to win at everything in life.

“Long Nights” (Prod. By Metro Boomin’)

Maco enlisted Metro Boomin’ to help deliver a mellow street banger off his 15 EP. The promethazine-induced single describes the extent of his work ethic, from his previous life as a drug dealer to the multiple hours he spends in the studio.

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