Jamie Foxx Explains Why He Butchered Anthem At #MayPac Fight

Jamie Foxx gave a meme-worthy performance of the American National Anthem before the Floyd Mayweather/Mannie Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas this past weekend. To say that it was a little “pitchy” would be an understatement and the vocal flourishes elicited comparisons to Eddie Murphy’s Randy Watson character from Coming To America (see video below). However, the Grammy Award-winning singer and actor appeared on “Ellen” to explain why his performance did not seem up to par.

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“I sung the National Anthem and some people were a little upset about how it went down,” he tells the host. “First of all, whenever a Black person sings the Anthem we (embellish). But what happened in the ring was my ears came out…my inner ears. I’m singing with an organ so I can’t hear what the organ was doing with the big crowd. So some of it was a bit off. In the arena it killed. The telecast was a little off, but we still love America.”


Whoever edited the video below was much closer to the truth.

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