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Robin Thicke & Pharrell Refuse To “Give It Up,” Renew Fight With Gaye Family


The “Blurred Lines” copyright battle continues to rage on. Weeks after a jury ruled that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams copied Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up,” their legal team is pushing to appeal the decision and hold a brand new trial. Last Friday (May 1), Thicke and Williams’ lawyers filed a motion which argued that the first trial had several errors in jury instructions, improper testimony, and insufficient evidence. They also claim that the jury’s verdict is inconsistent since T.I. was not found liable for copyright infringement.

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Thicke and Williams’ lawyers also brought up that the initial lawsuit was clearly based off the sheet music for the song. Members of the jury heard Thicke’s statements about how Gaye’s “groove” and “feel” influenced the song. However, none of that is reflected in the original sheet music. Because of this, they claim that musicologist Judith Finell’s testimony comparing both songs is “extremely prejudicial.”

Meanwhile, the Gaye family is riding the wave of their “victory” by going after the artists’ label Universal Music Group as well as Interscope and other companies who they feel should be held responsible. In their new motion, the Gaye family wants to halt all distribution of “Blurred Lines.” If that’s not possible, then they want to receive over 50% of all future profits.

All eyes are on this case since it could set the precedent for future copyright infringement cases. The judge will take both motions into consideration at a hearing set for June 29th. How do you feel like this case will affect the creativity of artists in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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