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You Mad? Trinidad James Is Making Over $60,000 Off One Line From His Only Hit Song

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Yeah, you mad. Last week we reported about all the writers that had been added to Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” including The Gap Band. Now we’re getting more details about what kind of money those writers are seeing, and at least one guy is having a nice pay day: Trinidad James.

The “don’t believe me, just watch” refrain that makes us want to strangle Bruno Mars was lifted from James’ only hit single “All Gold Everything,” which surely made you scream in agony over the state of hip-hop in 2012. With the newly divvied up royalties and credits, Trinidad and the song’s producer Devon Gallaspy share a 15% chunk of the profits from Ronson’s hit single.

Billboard took a closer look at just how much each writing party has made from the publishing proceeds of “Uptown Funk” sales (about $840,000 in total), and the results will surprise you:

  • Jeff Bhasker/SonyATV: $142,800
  • Devon Gallaspy/SonyATV: $63,000
  • Mark Ronson/Imagem: $142,800
  • Gap Band/Minder: $142,800
  • Phillip Martin Lawrence: $142,800
  • Trinidad James/Trinlanta: $47,250
  • Trinidad James Record label/TIG7 Publishing: $15,750
  • Bruno MarsMars/Mars Force Music/BMG Chrysalis: $124,949
  • Bruno Mars/Northside Independent Music/Warner/Chappel Music: $17,850

Do the math, and you’ll see Trinidad James is making over $63,000 off “Uptown Funk.” For one line, that’s a pretty dope come up.

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