Five Best Fetty Wap Songs You Need To Hear

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Overnight, Fetty Wap has become the most talked about rapper in the industry, thanks to the Drake Stimulus Package that has previously helped boost already-huge singles from artists like iLoveMakonnen, Tinashe, and Migos into another dimension. The one-eyed Paterson, New Jersey rapper signed to 300 (is everybody signed to 300?) currently has the #3 song on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Trap Queen,” even though that song came out about eight months ago. “My Way” was always better anyway; Drake is just helping a larger audience recognize that.

Here’s a secret, though: Fetty Wap has a bunch of songs better than “Trap Queen” scattered amongst his few official mixtapes and his Soundcloud page. Now that everyone’s talking about the kid, we figured we’d help you find the best of Fetty Wap with these five songs you need to hear. Pay attention and keep one eye open like CBS.

1. “Again”

If we had to bet on the next Fetty Wap single to blow, it’d be “Again.” Future started the whole tender, trap love song wave with “Turn On The Lights,” and “Trap Queen” has extended that phenomenon, so this seems like a logical next step. Wisely, he leads with the chorus, and even though he kind of loses us on the second verse, it’s okay. Fetty seems to mirror what the audience wants by singing more than rapping in between hooks, anyway.

2. “679” (Feat. Montana Buckz) [Prod. by Peoples]

Those electro synths that introduce the song are a lay-up, but this song is all kinds of fun. If the hand claps don’t do it, then Fetty Wap saying, “And they got this sewed up!” will move your ass in any situation. Reminds me of another song that should have been a single.

3. “ZooGang (Show You)”

Cadence is everything. The way Fetty staggers the last two syllables of each line in the chorus, followed by his irresistible “Yeeeaaaah” adlib, makes this song better than it deserves to be. The opening keys and the general melody also kind of reminds me of this slept on Future song.

4. “RGF Island”

Piano factors into some of Fetty’s best songs, and “RGF Island” is lowkey one of his standout tracks. Since hitting Youtube in January, the song has racked up over five million plays, and as you browse Fetty’s Youtube and Soundcloud pages, you’ll notice a lot of his songs have casually racked up a couple million plays without promotion, videos, or radio play. Assuming those numbers aren’t manufactured, they could translate into real star power.

5. “Make It”

Fetty’s proper debut mixtape Up Next is a great introduction to some of his best work, like “Make It,” which sounds almost like the sonic nephew of “Stay Schemin.”

The highlight here, however, is less the chorus than the second verse. When he says “let it spray” three times, you want to stand in the rain and cry your heart out, and when he prays to God asking him to answer his prayers, your cheeks start to burn. It’s the perfect cocktail of emotion and melody, and a shining example of why Fetty Wap is a lot more than a one-hit wonder.

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