5 Nintendo Games We Want As Theme Park Rides


Variety reports that Nintendo is partnering with Universal Parks and Resorts to create Nintendo-themed rides. So get ready to see Donkey Kong and Zelda strolling through the park terrorizing your kids.

It’s a given that a “Mario Kart” or “Star Fox” ride should be on the design plan but we think some others deserve consideration.

5. Metroid

For this special Haunted House you put on a special helmet equipped with a HUD and gun your way through a virtual war in space only to find out at the end that you’ve been a woman all along. Bruce Jenner Bobble heads are given out to the highest scorers.

4. Pokemon

This tricked out slingshot ride would put you inside of a giant Pokeball and launch you into the stratosphere spinning head-over-head at 100 miles per hour. Show Team Rocket how to really blast off.

3. F-Zero

This will be roller coaster to rule them all. Starting with a 90-degree drop you get thrown upside down into a series of loops and neck-snapping bends along a track that hovers 200 ft in the air.  By the end you will find out what the F really stands for.

2. Donkey Kong Safari

Go ape in this updated spin on the safari where no real animals are harmed and contained, but you go through on foot and have to dodge barrels tossed at you from above and behind. Think the real life version of the “Pixels” movie without Adam Sandler annoying the sh*t out of you.

1. Tetris

A  3-D maze that will make the drunkest of park goers fear for their lives. Because instead of a Minotaur or monster chasing you to the finish it’s the IRS.

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