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T.I., Marc Lamont Hill, David Banner, & More Got “LOUD” About Baltimore [VIDEO]


Since the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore has been the epicenter of the Civil Rights movement’s revolution. Since social injustice and police brutality have increased rapidly in the city as well as around the country, BET decided to bring together musicians, actors, and journalists together with the activists for a town hall meeting entitled “LOUD: The Power of the Baltimore Uprising.”

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David Banner, T.I., “The Wire” actor Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, and Reverend Dr. Jamal Bryant got together with moderator Marc Lamont Hill of CNN to talk about what the community has to do to move on in peace. Each got to speak on their opinions of the riots that happened in Baltimore and discussed where the community should go from here. It doesn’t seem like they will halt the protests anytime soon. However, T.I.’s views on marching are plausible and should be taken into consideration.

“We can march and march until we got blisters on our feet,” T.I. told the group. “And they can see and see and see the spectacle. But if they decide not to do anything then nothing will be done.”

Watch the BET News special below.

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