Shaq Busts His A$$ And Offers $500 For Best Meme #DownGoesShaq

Shaq Mortal Kombat meme

A tree fell in the woods and everyone was around to hear it. NBA great Shaquille O’Neil became a human ad for Tumblr last night as he took a header on the set of TNT’s NBA broadcast. During the halftime break of the Rockets vs. Clippers playoff game, the 7′ 3″ former center tripped over a trash can and lost one if his size 22 shoes in the process.

He joked afterward on Twitter that he almost broke his leg with the hashtags #DownGoesShaq and #Shaqtinafall.

He was a good sport about it and even offered a prize for the best meme. The bad side is that it brought out every amateur with a photo-cropping tool, but there were many, many gems.


Here are the best ones we found:
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