Tom Brady “Probably” Guilty Of #Deflategate, Gets Sacked By Fans On Twitter


If you’re a Tom Brady hater or just despise the New England Patriots altogether, then it’s “probable” that you’ve already roasted Brady in your own way. Yesterday (May 6), a report prepared by staff at the law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison revealed that it’s more “probable than not” Tom Brady was aware of the deflated balls used in the AFC Championship Game back in January that took the Patriots to the Super Bowl.

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While the masses already knew that Brady and the team cheated, the Internet took to social media to completely roast Brady and all the naysayers who claimed the Patriots were innocent. Both Brady and his agent, Don Yee, have already fired back against the report and plan to fight it. There’s still no word on what kind of penalty Brady will suffer. However, the Internet has already delivered their form of punishment in the form of hateful tweets and hilarious memes.

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