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Amber Rose Disses Kanye West, Says Travis Scott Writes His Songs

This is either ether, or just petty. Amber Rose was recently at Supper Club in Los Angeles, turning up like all the thotties do. She was onstage with Travis Scott and apparently they tried to play some Kanye West when Amber jumped on the mic and gave the DJ a piece of her mind.

“Stop playing niggas I used to fuck!” she says, sounding a little tipsy. “Why don’t we play the nigga that writes the songs for the other nigga…Travis Scott.” L-O-L.

Damn, that’s funny. Travis plays it cool and doesn’t really speak on all that. We would have been cool with them just playing the Future song they were trying to play.

It’s well known Kanye has a team of producers and ghostwriters now, so it’s not exactly a secret, but the way she said it just had such a sting. Watch the hilarious footage above.

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