Eminem’s “Rap God” Gets Mashed Up With This Incredible Adult Swim Cartoon

If you know about “Rick and Morty” on Adult Swim, then it goes without saying it’s one of the best things to hit Television in recent years. The story of Rick, a drunken grandpa, hauling his timid grandson Morty through different dimensions of time and space feels like a distilled Simpsons for millennials.

At least one guy gets it, and he decided to make a mashup of Rick singing Eminem’s blistering 2013 single “Rap God.” The creator, Benjamin Roberts, says it took “nearly 100 hours of editing and syncing” to make the video, and you can tell by how well it’s cut that dude put a ton of time and attention to detail into it.

Laugh your ass off ass you peep the perfect mashup above.

UPDATE: A redditor suggested releasing the video with the original R&M dialogue and they obliged. It’s trippy!


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