10 Times Rappers Proved They Were Mama’s Boys

<> at Havana Club on March 20, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The responsibility women shoulder when giving life to a child is something that is taken way too lightly in this day and age.  However, rappers always find a way to show love to the women who brought them into the world, raised them and whooped their asses when they stepped out of line. Which is why there’s always a great reason for a rapper to start an acceptance speech when they win an award with “I wanna thank my mama…”

With Mother’s Day approaching, let’s take a look at the rappers who proved that being a mama’s boy isn’t the worst thing in the world. After you get finished reading, go plan something dope to show your mother that you appreciate her.

1. Kanye West Pulls Mom On Stage To Rap “Hey Mama”

Kanye West always maintained that he was confident enough to rock his pink polos and teddy bear sweaters in a sea of long white tees and throwback jerseys because his mother, Donda, validated him at home as a child. Once Ye finally received the recognition he felt he deserved, he brought his mom to share in success. Donda was a part of Kanye’s first Grammy performance of “Jesus Walks.” However, nothing beats the moment he was promoting his second effort Late Registration and brought his mother on stage to rap the latter part of the track “Hey Mama” with him. Little did we know his mother would pass a few short years later and Yeezy would have one of the most poignant Grammy performances when he did an amended version of “Hey Mama” with lyrics, “Last night I saw you in my dreams/Now I can’t wait to go to sleep.

2005 Performance

Grammy Performance

2. Tyrese Surprises Mom With New House On Oprah

Before we get into this one, Tyrese is on this list because as much as we’d all like to forget, his rapping alter ego Black Ty was most definitely a thing. So don’t sleep. Although we remember Tyrese as the successful singer/actor who got his start in Watts, California, he will be the first to tell you that his journey to success hasn’t been easy, but was made possible with the help of his dedicated mother. When he was able to, Black Ty bought his mother a new home. The Furious 7 star surprised her with it by bringing her to “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Peep how hyped Ty is knowing how excited his mother is going to be.

3. Joe Budden Admits Drug Relapse To Mom On “Love & Hip Hop”

Say what you will about Joe Budden’s fashion choices during his stint on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop,” but you can’t deny the guy was always honest when it came to his substance abuse issues. After one intense scene where he got into an altercation with Raqi Thunda, the New Jersey native sat with his mother and admitted he’d fallen back in the trap of drugs after being clean for 14 years. Although Budden thought he hid the addiction well, his mother let him know that she knew what the game was and urged him to make the necessary choices in his life to get back on track. Hell, she even went and got Joe’s ex and eternal flame, Tahiry to deal with him again. With the kind of turbulent history the rapper and the model have, you know only a mother could almost save that mess.

4. Jay Z’s Mother Appears On The Black Album

When Jay was pretending like he was retiring from rap, he made sure that his “last” album featured some of his most personal work and “December 4th” was one of those songs. While Jigga spit autobiographical bars, his mother would interject between his verses with stories of him growing up in the Marcy Projects. She shared the story of Shawn Corey Carter skipping the training wheels and learning to ride a two wheeler and said that she felt no pain in labor with him. You could hear the pride when she said, “Isn’t that special?” What makes that song even better is the outro on “My First Song” where he excitedly yells, “You made the album, Ma!”

“December 4th (Fade to Black)”

“My First Song”

5. Cam’ron records “Me, My Mom’s and Jimmy” on his debut album

Before Cam’ron was pushing a special line of Mother’s Day cards he was actually recording with his mom. On his debut Confessions of Fire he brought his mom into the booth to make “Me, My Mom’s And Jimmy” with his capo Jim Jones. Over a loop of Tom Tom Club’s “Genius Of Love,” Cam and his mom flash that same wit that has made her Instagram a must follow. “Messin with Cam you get punched in your mouth
Only key you ever had was the one to your house…”

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