The 5 Worst Fails of The Game’s Career

game 2pac
1. “Change Of Heart” Dating Show


When Game fell out with G-Unit, 50 wasted no time spilling the beans on some of Game’s past exploits. An appearance on dating show Change Of Heart was the first reveal.

2. Male Stripping


Then it was the stripping. An image of Game in a thong hit the internet, and it immediately became the cover for the latest G-Unit Radio.

3. Butterfly Tattoo


This fail was a cumulative one. First he got a strange butterfly tat on his face, then he covered it with LA, and then he covered it with a star. He told Larry King he was just an idiot back then, though.

4. Fake Jordans On Mixtape Cover


Self-inflicted fail. No one knew their boy was wearing fake Js on his own mixtape cover?

5. Photoshops Picture With 2Pac


Finally, Game posted a photoshopped picture of himself and 2pac on his instagram. When he was called out, he said it was something a fan had sent in, and Game had meant it as an homage. Pac probably rolled over in his grave anyway.

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