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12 Ways Mark Ronson & Mystikal Won Us Over In “Feel Right”

Mark Ronson has another hit on his hands. The “Uptown Funk” producer teamed up with Louisiana rapper Mystikal for his next single off his third studio album Uptown Special. In the official visual for “Feel Right,” Ronson used an all-kid cast to perform the song in a school talent show. The lead performer in the show won in so many ways.

They got “The Brady Bunch” mom Florence Henderson to serve as the host of the show.


The kid performing as Mystikal came out HARD AS HELL.


He got several of his classmates (and the janitor) to part of his band.


There were no dull moments during his performance.


Except when his best friend brought him a refreshing glass of milk… but he bounced back quick.


By the way, his friend is the jack of all trades. He went from assistant, to hype man, to acting as the sound guy in a matter of minutes.



The kid even got the attention of the girl who called him a “nerd” before the show started.


The tone of the show changes once the light show began.


The climax of the performance came once the audiences’ jaws dropped after the kid uttered the word “shit.”


The kid’s set was so good, Bruno Mars, Mystikal and Ronson himself had to give him 10’s all around.


There was nothing more he could do to make the show better… except this.













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