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Chris Brown Blows Off TMZ Looking Like The Illest Supervillain [VIDEO]

Chris Brown hoverboard

TMZ cornered Chris Brown to ask him about his recent bedroom intruder and the “Loyal” singer seemed less than eager to answer any questions.

However, he did roll up onto the scene in this robotic, futuristic day-glo scooter that looked like someone ripped the handle off a Segway and tricked it out with some LEDS.



dr nefario



After doing our Googles, we found this thing, an EYU 2 Wheel Self Balance Drifting Electric Vehicle. They really need to come up with a catchier name, like HoverTrax.

If you’ve got $900 burning a hole in your pocket and really, really smooth sidewalks, you can be as cool as Chris Brown.

Watch Chris make his Mary McFly entrance and exit below.


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