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Damon Dash Talks To Larry King About Arrest Warrants & Child Custody [VIDEO]


Damon Dash has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. Jay Z’s former business partner sat down with Larry King to explain his legal troubles and a lot more. During his interview for “Larry King Now,” Dash rehashed his past business relationship with Jay Z, which we all know he hates doing. When asked if they were still friends, Dash reiterated that he doesn’t speak on their past for various reasons.

“I usually don’t talk about him just because of this,” said Dash. “But there’s been things where he’s been in business with people that are against my honor code, so because of that where I’m from I kind of have to keep a distance.”

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The founder of TrapFlix also claimed that his greatest accomplishment is his children, not forming Roc-A-Fella Records. Dash shed light on his recent child custody battle with his ex-wife Rachael Roy. Back in April, Dash lost custody of his two daughters Ava, 15, and Tallulah, 6, and was granted limited visitation rights. He also revealed that he has two warrants for his arrest, which involve other custody matters.

“I’m like a good father and I pay for everything, I have another warrant for not paying child support but I just gave this person $50,000 and I just paid for school $30,000, paid for massages, paid for chefs,” Dame says “A man should not get leveraged and get looked at like a criminal just because he wants to raise his child.”

Catch the teasers for the interview below before it airs later this week.

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