The Philadelphia 76ers Reveal Their “New” Logos & Fans Call Foul


The Philadelphia 76ers recently revealed their new logos for the franchise. The NBA team released five variations of their logo, among them a swagged-out Benjamin Franklin dribbling a basketball while rocking the team’s official colors. The primary logo was refurbished and now has an updated basketball design in the background while six stars outline the bottom half.

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Some fans appreciated bringing back the secondary logo. However, the rest still can’t see one of our Founding Fathers looking like he’s about to play Will Smith during the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” intro.

Aside from the secondary logo, the primary logo looks too much like the Brooklyn Nets’ logo. The trolls did what they do best and went in on the franchise’s new look. How do you feel about the new logos? Sound off in the comments and check out what people on Twitter had to say.

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