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Watch Stevie J & Joseline’s Softcore Spaghetti Western [VIDEO]

Hitman turned reality TV star Stevie J teams up with his wife/artist Joseline to put some bits in your kibble with their new video. The clip is filled with all of the booty clapping, hand-rubbing and rat-faces you can stand in just over two minutes.

The song is built around one of Joseline’s most quotable moments on the “Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta” soap, “I’m very stingy with my kooty kat.”

Nicki Minaj also cribbed the line in her song “The Boys”  (Man I’m stingy with my kitty cat daddy“Did you ever really love me Steebie?” ).

And if you need a Stevie J gif for Twitter, we’ve hooked you right on up.



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