Six Sports Floyd Mayweather Jr. Should Try After Retirement


Words by Mr. Mecc

We all know that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is technically one fight away from hanging up the gloves and stepping off into sunset and the boxing Hall of Fame. It’s one thing to let boxing go, but as competitive as we’ve known Floyd to be we can’t see him just walking away and going cold turkey.

But never fear, based on his last “mega” fight with Manny Pacquiao we here at WatchLOUD put together a list of sports Money May could easily transition to.


6) Greco-Roman Wrestling

Plenty of people who became fans of boxing did so after watching knockout artists like Roy Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson lay waste in the ring. Mayweather however had other plans, which didn’t include actually getting hit. And part of that included headlocks that would have made Hulk Hogan jealous. Such impressive holds make us think he may have missed his calling in the Olympics. Might be time to go get that gold medal.


5) Marathon Running

Six years ago, everyone accused Floyd of running from the concept of getting in the ring with Manny. But now that the fight is in the books, the fans got to see Floyd’s roadwork in a different light…. mostly in reverse. Now we’re not exactly sure what the rules of marathon running are. But what we are sure of is if you let Floyd run his race backwards, he’ll never lose.


4) Golf

So lets get this straight. You get dressed, walk out in front of tons of fans, spend most of your time walking around. Your opponent never really comes into contact with you and you only have to swing once in awhile? Aside from the dress code switch, can this even be considered a transition? Sounds like a no brainer over here bruh.


3) Nascar 

If you give him half a second and ANY camera with a full battery, Floyd Mayweather will let you know he’s into fast cars, the more expensive and exotic the better. We also know that no one on earth who can run a hype-machine like the boss of Mayweather promotions. With all that in mind, you gotta figure, if he can run a car as fast as he runs his mouth? Checkered flag swag all day.

piss excellence

2) Soccer

The day after the fight, Floyd was sending text messages to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith saying that he would grant Manny a rematch. Once Manny let news of his shoulder injury out, Floyd countered with an offer to fight Manny a year after Manny’s impending surgery. But apparently, Mr. Mayweather doesn’t get tired of practicing his pivot when it comes to the rematch, because it’s off again. (Manny supposedly lied about the injury).  Floyd’s ability change direction on a dime would make David Beckham blush.



1) Poker

Believe it or not, Hold ‘Em isn’t just allowed, it’s actually encouraged… Nuff Said!!


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