11 Times Janet Jackson Called Men Out On Their Bull


Janet Jackson is the Queen of Pop, no matter how many Madonna fans unsuccessfully try to debate the matter. Michael’s youngest sister earned her crown with socially conscious lyrics blended with dance music ensconced in a sex appeal like no other.

Besides being fine as all hell, men loved her because she was never afraid to speak her mind even if we were the ones drawing her ire. Throughout her lengthy career, Janet has been the voice for pissed off women and cussed men out in song and on screen.

Check out eleven times Janet Jackson called men out on their shit.

11. “Nasty”

When Janet first took control of her life and career, many weren’t ready for the brash manner she delivered her feminist manifesto. The youngest Jackson demanded we respect her when trying to explore her pleasure principle. Janet asserted privacy and a certain amount of discretion was necessary to get a hand in her cookie jar. After all, she has to watch her back because she isn’t just anybody. Her first name isn’t Baby. It’s Janet. Well, Miss Jackson because most of us are nasty.

10. “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”

In the first single off Control, the then-burgeoning superstar called her man out for being lazy and letting the fire die out of their relationship. With her girls backing her, Janet gave her man an itemized list of how he royally screwed up, including no longer taking her to dinner and opting for her to slave over the pots and pans while he sat his happy ass on the couch. By the time the song fades out, Janet showed her prince turned pauper the door.

9.”Black Cat”

On its surface, the rock infused song sounds like a very general, cautionary tale of staying out of the street life. However, it was rumored to be a thinly veiled shot at her ex-husband singer James DeBarge, who battled drug and alcohol abuse.  “Black Cat” told men they had to be men and put away their childish ways or they would see their demise sooner rather than later.

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