The Simpsons May Have To Replace These 17 Characters


TMZ reports that Harry Shearer, one of the main voice actors on “The Simpsons,” has officially left the show. Fox was trying to secure a two-year extension on their most successful animated series and Shearer was the last actor they needed to sign the deal. However, sources claim that contract negotiations fell through after a dispute over the back end and merchandising clause. Since they couldn’t come to an agreement on the terms, Shearer refused to sign.

Shearer’s departure is a huge blow to the longest-running animated series in existence. Shearer has voiced over 17 characters since the show took off in 1990 including major characters like Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders and Principal Seymour Skinner. Check out every character The Simpsons may have to replace or kill off in the next season.

Photo Credit: Comic’s Comic

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