5 Songs That Prove Kirk Knight Is The Future Of Pro Era


Recently, Joey Bada$$ spoke about the future of Pro Era and said he wants the focus of his hometown crew to be on Kirk Knight. For those who still sleep on the Brooklyn-based rap collective, Knight is one of the top producers and Joey’s right-hand man. He’s produced a majority of crew’s songs including Joey Bada$$’s “Hazeus View” and Mick Jenkins’ “Jerome.”

“What I drop in the future, I’m going to really take my time with it,” Joey told HipHopDX. “We’re really shifting into Kirk [Knight] season so that’s where the light is going to be at and everything. I really want everybody go get their window just like I did.”

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Kirk Knight has been rapping and producing for Pro Era long before Joey Bada$$ put out his debut mixtape 1999. Now it looks like he’s ready to step into the spotlight along with Joey. Since streaming services like Spotify aren’t up to date on his music, we decided to highlight the best songs Knight has rapped on and produced himself.

Kirk Knight ft. Dyemond Lewis “Extortion”

Knight and fellow Pro Era member Dyemond Lewis let us know we don’t want that war in “Extortion.” The song takes on the trill/trap style that has infiltrated New York hip-hop. Kirk’s snare patterns switch up throughout the track, yet blends perfectly with the mellow synths and bass.

Kirk Knight “Brokeland”

Knight channels his inner boom bap influence and adds his Brooklyn touch to “Brokeland.” With the sound of an ambulance siren screeching in the background of the hook, Knight lets us know what’s really on the mind of a Brooklynite.

Kirk Knight “Florists”

“Top Billin” continues to influence the new generation. Knight sampled the classic Audio Two track and spit his own rhymes about all the “florists” he chills with. The song closes out with a clusterfuck of sampled bars from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Biggie Smalls, and the Beastie Boys.

Kirk Knight “Early Morning Hiatus”

It wouldn’t be a Pro Era list if we didn’t include a smoker’s anthem. Knight drops bars about his experiences with the sweet ganja over a harp-like loop and a chill bass pattern. Roll up and grab your lighters before you play this banger.

Kirk Knight “Give ‘Em”

Over an ear-numbing synth, Kirk raps about giving his people something to believe in. You can feel his thriving energy through his strong flow in “Give ‘Em.” With songs like this in his continuously growing catalog, we can already see Knight taking Pro Era to a whole other level.

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