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Azealia Banks Hates BET, Nicki Minaj Fans & This Headline

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Azealia Banks is at it again. The Harlem rapper has taken to Twitter to vent about another grievance in her life, and this time her victims are the good people at BET and the “black media.” Apparently, Banks wasn’t happy about being nominated by BET for Best Female Hip Hop Artist. She said that the nomination and the category itself is “bogus.”

“I really hate getting nominated for @bet awards,” tweeted Banks. “They’re so bogus. The female rap award at the bet awards goes to nicki every year, it’s not even a real award anymore lol it’s a bit of a running joke.”

Then Banks said that BET should have used photos of Nicki Minaj in five different wigs and decide on the winner based on her beast look. Knowing that she may have pissed off the Barbz, she let them know she really doesn’t care less what they think.

She ended her rant by taking a jab at “black media” in general by claiming that it’s “stupid and pointless” with a “shitty cycle.” Does she have a point? Sound off in the comments.

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