Dame Dash Told B-Real He Wants To Build Stadiums For Potheads [VIDEO]

Dame Dash may have several lawsuits and other legal troubles on his plate, but he still has aspirations to legally get into the marijuana game. In another installment of “The Smokebox,” B-Real and Dash talked about his business ventures in his car until the smoke clouds blinded them both. The former Cypress Hill rapper commended Dash on his past contributions to hip-hop and mentioned his recent shift into film. Dash said that he’s moved on from the music business because apparently “everyone cheats.”

“I didn’t want to play with cheaters,” Dash told B-Real. “So I made my own game.”

With the music business out of the picture, Dash said he’s focusing more on film because he finds it more therapeutic. Whenever he’s going through issues of his own, he said it’s easier to just make a movie about them. He even wants to collaborate with Real on extending his “Smokebox” series. But film isn’t the only venture Dash is thinking about. When asked about getting into the marijuana business, Dash told B-Real that he eventually wants to open up his own “environment” for stoners like him.

“Fuck yea. I told what my game is. I’m going to try to buy bricks, and when I say bricks, I’m not talking about coke. I’m talking about stadiums. So that there could be an environment where we can look at music, smoke weed, and eat the organic food we want to keep us healthy. Do it in our own environment.”

Hopefully, prosecutors won’t use this against him in the court of law. Watch the interview above.

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