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9 Things We Learned About Women From Nicki Minaj’s “Feelin’ Myself” Video


Nicki Minaj and Beyonce have become the new, badass female duo in the game. Their new video for their collaborative joint “Feelin’ Myself” showed them taking on the desert lands of Coachella during their time at the annual music festival. While they lounged in a kiddie pool and wearing the sexiest one-piece bathing suits ever, they managed to make us realize a couple things about women that can’t be denied.

9. CrazySexyCool is one personality, not three.



8. A woman will always look better in your jersey than you.



7. Their “grown and mature” front doesn’t last for long. They’re really children at heart.


6. The right song will make her go from 0-60 in the middle of the most mundane shit ever.



5. Women will always recognize greatness in the most subtle ways. (RIP ODB)


4. Every woman’s best friend can catch a fry with their mouth.


3. No matter how fit she might look, a woman has–and will–fuck up a cheeseburger with one hand tied behind her back.


2. When women turn up, anything can happen. Just ask this lucky dolphin.


1. Every woman has a hardcore rebel deep down within them. It just takes the right person to bring it out.



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