5 Reasons Why NBA Post-Game Is Better With Kids [VIDEO]

words by Mr. Mecc

With insane handles, ally-ops, scoring runs and buzzer beaters, NBA players have been the embodiment of show-time since before the days of Magic Johnson when it comes to working on the court.

But when it comes to stealing the show, cute kids have been the world’s on-or-off the court Kryptonite since the beginning of time.

And if there was ever a question, Steph Curry’s two-year old daughter Riley ended the speculation, taking all the shine from the league’s 2015 MVP with a dazzling display of adorableness that drew every reporter in.


Fortunately for us, Riley is just the latest in a long line of NBA baller babies who have crossed up the press-conference cameras with dazzling displays of cuteness.

During this year’s semi-finals Chicago Bulls all-star point guard Derrick Rose’s son PJ decided to make waves by delivering a few mean mugs to the reporters with a look that would have frozen a few gangbangers in their tracks.

PJ probably can’t get the credit for the original intimidation grill though. After a playoff game against the Memphis Grizzlies in 2014, the offspring of CP3, aptly named CPII, claimed that crown. In a reverse roll from his point guard pops, Chris Paul’s son, Chris the 2nd actually took an alley-oop from high-flying forward Blake Griffin by giving the world “The Blake Face.”

Kyle Lowry’s son was a model citizen for the first three-minutes of this All-Star post game, then decided that he wanted to inspect the mics a little closer around the 3:05 mark.

And who can forget the time when after defeating the Miami Heat in five games to win the 2014 NBA championship, Tim Duncan’s two children Sydney and Draven showed more personality in 32 seconds than their hall of fame worthy father has managed to show in his entire career.


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