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Ghostface On Action Bronson: “I Thought He Was Me One Day”

Now that Action Bronson has earned his place as one of the most popular dudes in rap right now, the whole conversation about his vocal similarity to Ghostface has died down. But if you can count on one person to stir up some old shit again, it’s DJ Vlad.

Vlad asked Ghost about the comparisons, and Ghost admitted, “I thought he was me one day…I’m asking myself, ‘When the fuck I did that verse?'”

Ghostface even approached Mr. Wonderful about the all the comparisons not long ago. When they met, Bronson explained to the Wu-Tang rapper that he didn’t want him to think he was biting Ghost’s style. It’s the tone of Bronson’s voice that makes them sound freakishly similar. Watch Ghostface explain the encounter in the interview above and listen to their joint track “Meteor Hammer.” Can you tell who raps each verse?

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