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Who Is Joe Fox, The Guy All Over A$AP Rocky’s New Album?

joe fox

A$AP Rocky’s tracklist for A.L.L.A has surfaced and it features a ton of talent – Kanye West, UGK (yes, you read that right), Lil’ Wayne, Future, and many others. Joe Fox is one name sprawled all across the tracklist, but everyone keeps asking the same question – who is Joe Fox?

A photo of Fox with Mos Def and Rocky recently surfaced, but we did some more digging to find out who this mysterious British musician is. Here’s what we found.

A$AP Rocky met him at 4 a.m. in the streets of Soho.

Here’s what Fox told i-D: “I had nowhere to live in London so I was selling mixtapes of my music anywhere I could so I’d have money to live somewhere. I was doing that for a while and I was making quite good money. So I’m on Wardour Street and I see this guy – I don’t know who he is cos I don’t listen to new music – and he’s with this other guy who turns out to be Hector Delgado, who’s produced a lot of songs on Rocky’s album. I go up to them and say ‘Do you want to buy a CD’ and Rocky says, ‘Can you play me a song’. So I play a whole song and I get to the end – that’s usually when people buy a CD – so I say ‘Do you want to buy a CD?’ and he said ‘No, but we’re going to Starbucks, and then to the studio, you should come and work with us. Jump in the car’. So I got in the car and he says, ‘My name’s A$AP Rocky, you’ve got an amazing sound, let’s record together’. So we did. I checked out his stuff later that week and I quite liked it, which I wasn’t expecting, because I don’t like much modern music. I really liked Long, Live A$AP.”

Fox and Rocky made a song that same night.

More from Fox: “We started working at Red Bull Studios in London, that’s where most of A.L.L.A was recorded. We’d get there at 10pm and leave at 8am, just record all night. It was fun, because this is what I wanted to do, I wanted to dedicate my life to music. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else, which is why I was playing music on the street all the time. That and I didn’t have a job…

One of the songs we recorded is called Max B, who’s a rapper, and it’s about the situation he’s currently in [Max B was sentenced to 75 years in prison on murder conspiracy and kidnapping charges that he heavily denies]. I can’t say too much, other than the song is amazing and Rocky asked me to write a chorus about the situation and that’s what I did. Rocky told me the story and I just wrote about it.”

Joe and Rocky have become so close, Fox crashes at Rocky’s crib often.

“We live together, well, I just crash at his place,” said Fox back in April, “so I’m not homeless at the moment, which is good. The good thing about working, and living, with Rocky this long is that I’ve seen how the industry works from every perspective. I was naïve before, which can be a good thing, but I was frustrated because I couldn’t find anyone as passionate about music as I was. The first person I did find as passionate about music as me happened to be a multi-platinum selling rapper – it just happened to be Rocky and the cool thing is it’s worked out.”

He wrote “Fine Wine,” a song about relationships, with Rocky.

Here’s what he said about the song: “Girls influence me a lot. I came out of a relationship last year and I’ve written a lot of songs about that. Some of the songs are on Rocky’s album. We wrote a joint song about our experiences in relationships. It’s called Fine Wine. We have very similar experiences in relationships. His album is so good. Honestly.”

He wants to drop the best album of 2016.

“I’m at Red Bull Studios recording my own stuff,” said Fox. “I’m not Rock or Pop, it’s different. I’m trying to make the best album of 2016. In fact, I’m going to make sure my debut album is one of the best debut albums of this decade.”

Watch Fox come out for Rocky’s RBMA lecture and talk about the album a bit:
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